“He who has gone, so we but cherish his memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living man.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


To my Ninong Glenn, you’re finally going back home. Rest in peace.

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I am terrified of sharks. I don’t think I can sit through two minutes of Jaws. When I was young, my mother would put me in this huge drum of water (I don’t know what it was made of… tin?) so I could play and bathe while she does the laundry. I remember it being gray and to my four- or five-year-old mind, the bottom looks like the back of a shark. I didn’t scream or scramble out of the drum, but I sure as hell couldn’t “play” while waiting for the darn thing to shoot out of the water and eat me.

So my question to myself is… why am I watching every video of Shark Week I could find on YouTube? I have no clue.

It’s one of those things when you start out watching blooper reels for Star Wars and then five hours later you’re already watching a video on how to put dreadlocks on a goat? Yeah, it was kinda like that, although I can actually trace how it happened.

I was watching CinemaSins video for Jurassic World when I saw another video about the movie, then I watched a video about the biggest dinosaurs which led me to a video about the Megalodon which is an ancient shark said to be bigger than the T-Rex which led me to Great White sharks which led me to Shark Week.

To be honest, I think sharks are beautiful, fascinating creatures, and I speak as someone who had once been a twelve-year-old girl who wanted to be a marine biologist. When Jette took me to Siam Ocean World in Bangkok, I was so fascinated with the sharks in their aquarium because they were so beautiful and oddly hypnotic to watch. I could sit there and watch them all day. But then I think about the Great Whites and they open their mouths and I see all the serrated teeth and look into their scary, black soulless eyes, and hear the Jaws theme playing in my head and I say, “yup, I’m done.” Have you seen a Mako shark?

mako shark

He looks evil.

But while I’m still terrified, still have this irrational fear that if I put my foot down on my bedroom floor a Great White shark would be lurking under my bed, ready to gnaw on my ankle, I’m still very fascinated. Still watching episode after episode of Shark Week.

Also, I was supposed to be in this picture, but all the hair at the back of my neck just stood up when I sat down behind the teeth so no.


This is closest I’ve ever been to a shark and I’d like to keep it that way.


Also, this.


And no, it’s not made of actual shark.


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News Round Up: 091115

I really should just make this a monthly thing… because I always forget (neglect?) writing blog entries because… Facebook share! Twitter RT! The ease of sharing has made me lazy.

Anyway, here’s a summary of the news that you may or may not want or need to know about me.

1. The 36th MIBF

September 17, Thursday, is MSV Day at the Bookware booth! Taong-bahay kami nina Dior Madrigal, Jade Anne Franco, Doreen Laroya, Edith Joaquin and Sachi Bliss. Drop by to say hi if you’re there ^_^

Again, September 17 (Thursday), 2 PM to 6 PM, Hall 1, Aisle A (have to confirm the booth number pero I’m sure madali lang namang makita), at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.

MSV Day at the MIBF

MSV Day at the MIBF (please click image to enlarge)

There will be a lot of books to be launched including new titles for Pink & Purple, the new MSV Desire Uncut imprint and…

2. Sentinels Batch 3

Yes! Diyos koh, sa wakas! It took me a loooooong time to finish writing this series at medyo marami-rami akong books na natapos sa pagitan ng mga books nitong series na ito so thank you, readers, and thank you, Bookware! For being patient with me. But finally ito na sila. I hope you enjoy them as much as you enjoy the first 2 batches! Kinakabahan talaga ako and I really hope batch 3 is worth the wait.

You can watch the Sentinels Batch 3 promo vidhere.

3. Entwined with You (Crossfire Book 3) by Sylvia Day

The Tagalog version of Entwined with You, book 3 of Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series (translated by me) will also be launched at the MIBF! Thank you to my editor love, Elvie, who has helped me with every line of the book. Thank you talaga huhu Cheesecake is on me kapag… you know 😀

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day (Tagalog) | Photo Credit: Bookware Publishing

Entwined with You by Sylvia Day (Tagalog) | Photo Credit: Bookware Publishing

4. How to Kiss a Guy

My Pink & Purple book, How to Kiss a Guy (which is still available on Wattpad until its release) has a cover! Thank you, Ayie and Chen, for giving me a heads up. It makes me want to start writing Axel and Colin’s story ♥ Na-inspire ako!

Cover reveal! How to Kiss a Guy by elisestrella

Cover reveal! How to Kiss a Guy by elisestrella | Photo Credit: Bookware Publishing

This book will NOT be available at the MIBF. Wala pa siyang release date but hopefully, before the year ends. I’ll let you know as soon as I know (or knowing me, mga a few weeks after I find out >.<). You can always check my Facebook, Facebook page or Twitter for updates.

5. Notorious

Another of my Wattpad books, Notorious has been APPROVED for MSV Desire Uncut ♥ Sabi ko pangarap kong magkaroon ng book for every MSV imprint and so far, not counting Balete Chronicles, sudoku, the coloring books, etc., Pink & Purple NA na lang ang wala akong book.

Anyway, Notorious is, again, still available on Wattpad (here’s the link), but please be warned that this is an EROTIC ROMANCE novel, more explicit than anything I’ve ever written for MSV before. It is not for children or for the easily offended. If you don’t like erotic romances, do not read it. I have a lot of other books and stories because I pretty much write base on my mood and preference so not all of my stories will be explicit or will have a love scene. Feel free to choose one of them.

6. 2015 Filipino Readers Choice Awards

And this really shouldn’t be the last (muntik ko nang malimutan), three of my books have been nominated for the 2015 Filipino Readers Choice Awards! First time kong ma-nominate ♥ And I am thrilled although alam ko namang di ako mananalo haha realistic naman ako kasi ang daming mas magaganda at mas sikat na books but I am still really thrilled to be nominated ^_^

You can still vote for your favorite books here until September 25th.

What Am I Up To

I’m currently working on a new MSV Desire book. If you’ve read Love Unscripted, I’m trying to see if the heroine, Ayie’s fun-loving, free-spirited best friend, Giselle, and Ayie’s serious but sexy older brother, Alex has chemistry. Wish me luck.

Also! Two books on Wattpad, Meredith’s POV of FFTB, Falling for Ash Montesines, and FFTB Book 2: A Love Like This. Thank you to my readers who are awesome ♥ I also surpassed the 5K followers mark! Believe me, I’m celebrating because I thought 100 followers were A LOT! Salamat po.

And that is it for me today. I want to write at least 6K words o_O (not counting this post). So I have to start before I end up wanting to go to sleep again without accomplishing anything.

Thank you! And have a great morning and a great weekend!

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News Round Up: 080215

Went to the Bookware office yesterday for a photoshoot. Seriously, I’ve never been more nervous in my life (actually, I have but that’s a different story). I don’t really like having my picture taken. I rarely have a good pic of myself because I’ve always been self-concious. Good thing that the photographer, our creative designer, Jill, is really good at taking pics or I would have ended up looking like a deer-caught-in-the-headlights in all of them… or every one of the pictures would look like mugshots.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes pic from Bookware’s Instagram (taken by our editor, Malou). I think this was the last pic, or one of the last pics.

Dior Madrigal and I

Dior Madrigal and I

Why did we have a photoshoot? Surprise na lang hahaha

Anyway, I also received one of the coloring books for adults that Bookware has released! I started my day by coloring a page earlier. Very good for relaxation and stress-relief! Here’s a pic of the coloring books from Bookware’s IG (again). They’re available at PPC stores for P149.75.

Coloring books for adults from Bookware

Coloring books for adults from Bookware

News Round Up!

I haven’t done one of these in a loooong time. If you follow me on FB/Twitter/IG, you already know the following news but I’ll post them here anyway.

1. Love Unscripted – My first MSV with the new cover! Yay! This is also my first non-Desire MSV in a long time, specifically written for readers who aren’t comfortable with Desire books. Read the teaser and preview here.

Love Unscripted by Elise Estrella

2. A Bride for David – My new MSV Premium has also been announced! And I think it’s also already available from a few branches of National Bookstore but I have to wait for it to be posted at the website. So excited! This is the story of one of Renner’s (from How to Kiss a Guy) older brothers. Read the preview here.

A Bride for David, photo grabbed from MSV's Facebook page

A Bride for David, photo grabbed from MSV’s Facebook page

3. The Sentinels Series – Finally, after the looooooong wait, batch 3 of the Sentinels series has a release date!!! OMG! Yay! Maraming salamat sa mga nagtiyagang maghintay at mapagpasensya akong in-encourage na tapusin na ang batch 3. Books 13 to 16 are currenly  being edited and proofread and are in the capable hands of the editors and are scheduled for a September release. Book launch is hopefully at the MIBF! Thank you very, very much. Thank You, Lord!

The titles are as follows:

13. Rogue Charming – Randall Manalo
14. Reluctant Hero – Simon Hidalgo
15. Slow Burn – Jericho Villareal
16. Sweetest Downfall – Brian Borromeo

4. Falling for the Billionairess – I’ve also finished book 1 (or books 1 and 2 because of the word count O_O ) of my Wattpad story, Falling for the Billionairess. Iniyakan ko talaga siya n’ung ni-click ko ‘yung “completed” button sa Wattpad huhu matinding sepanx kasi kahit pa may book2 naman. Yes, may book 2 (or technically 3). I still don’t have a title but I’ve already written the prologue and Day 1. Might post soon pero I can’t promise anything yet. In the meantime, you can read my current WIP, Falling for Ash Montesines which is a supplementary book telling the whole story of FFTB in Meredith’s point of view. FFTB currently has 749K reads and 22.7K votes which is amazing for a non-Wattpad famous writer so THANK YOU!

Also, one of Ash’s readers drew this awesome #AshMere fan art! I love it so much that I’m currently using it at my phone’s wallpaper. ♥ Thank you, Sugar!

#AshMere by Sugar April Barrameda

#AshMere by Sugar April Barrameda

What I’m Up To

I’m actually currently an editor for Bookware’s Pink & Purple imprint so that’s what’s keeping me busy. I do have several WIPs aside from my Wattpad books including Sentinels: Alpha Squad 3 (Mickey McKendrick) and Unico Hijos 3 (Geoffrey Eaton). I’m going to be focusing on this as soon as I finish my editing.

I’d also like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has been reading my books, whether on Wattpad or my MSV books. Thank you to my older readers and the new ones who have been very supportive. Thank you for the comments and feedback. I’m really happy and extremely grateful that I get to do something that I really love and that I’m really passionate about and that it entertains and helps other people. Thank you for also letting me know and reaching out to me. I really, really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

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“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” -Mark Twain

My former coworker called me last night to tell me that my other former coworker and partner at our account passed away a few days ago due to cardiac arrest. I was shocked and devastated. She was older than I am, probably in her mid-forties but still too young to go. She was also a single mother who left behind a high school-aged son.

I remember the first time we worked together. We were squatters, having no designated work stations of our own. I had a station at the executive offices though and we had to share that. And because it had been her first day at work, she didn’t have any coaching to do or calls to grade yet. I was the one using the computer to encode my agents’ scores. So she put her head down over her arms on the table and watched me.

And THEN one of our bosses, one of the ones we respect (and fear) the most, was suddenly behind her, looking down at the top of her head. First day of work and she already looked like she was sleeping on the job. She must have noticed my wide-eyed, horrified stare because she straightened quickly and looked behind her where another one of our bosses had suddenly materialized. And all I could say was that “she was watching me watch! She didn’t have anything to do and we had to share the PC! We’re already done with shadowing and she’s ready to start tomorrow night! She wasn’t sleeping!” I may have sounded a tad too defensive, but I didn’t want her to get into trouble.

She turned out to be one of the hardest working people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. And when we finally had our own stations at the production floor, we spent our free time reading gossip websites. She called me “Britney” (Spears) and I called her “Paris” (Hilton). She had a dry sense of humor but was incredibly funny to me. She was strict but reasonable, and she loved her son very much. When I would go with her to the rooftop of our building so she could smoke and I’d drink my Big Uhaw cup of pineapple juice, she’d tell me endless stories about her son.

We haven’t spoken to each other in a long time but I am deeply saddened by her loss.

Paris, we’ll do our OMG!-ing when we see each other again, alright? And Joy, you really were a joy to the people who have known you. I am fortunate that I am one of them. Rest in peace, my friend. ~ Britney


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