Sa Kanya Pa Rin

Para sa kanya…

Duets Sa Kanya Pa Rin by Elise Estrella / Bakit Di Totohanin by Mari CalingayanMSV Duets
Sa Kanya Pa Rin by Elise Estrella

Kung si Lia ang tatanungin, ayaw na sana niyang maging close uli kay Nash Linares. Alam niya kasi, kahit four years silang hindi nagkita, hindi pa talaga siya completely over him… at hanggang ngayon, wala pa rin namang ma-i-offer sa kanya ang binata na hihigit sa friendly affection…

Bakit Di Totohanin by Mari Calingayan

Being the good friend that she is, to-the-rescue na naman ang naging beauty ni Abby nang tulungan niya si Niles mula sa problema nito. Madali lang namang magpanggap na fiancee nito kung tutuusin. Iyon lang, she has to promise herself she won’t fall in love with her best friend again…

Sa Kanya Pa Rin TRIVIA:

  • Angelia’s name evovled from Angela to Angelica to Athena to Diana, finally to Angelia.
  • Nash’s name was originally Nathaniel.
  • There were a lot of flashback scenes, even more than those already in the book. I adjusted them a bit so that they became part of the couple’s now rather than their before.
  • At one time, there were four versions of this book in my Nash and Angelia folder.
  • This is one of the books that I didn’t have to think of or change the title. It was there before the plot developed.
  • SOUNDTRACK for Sa Kanya Pa Rin: These are the songs I listened to while writing the story. Only a few of the songs made it to the final cut of the book, but these songs correspond to a scene or a memory in the story.

    You Got It All – The Jets
    A Little Bit – MYMP
    Tell Me Where It Hurts – MYMP
    Obvious – Westlife
    Last Chance – Allure
    The Day You Said Good Night – Hale
    Same Ground – Kitchie Nadal
    A Girl Can Dream – Nina
    Officially Missing You – Tamia
    Smile – Tamia
    Sa Kanya – MYMP
    For All of My Life – MYMP
    Each Day With You – Martin Nievera


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