Each Day With You

Para kay Kat at sa kanyang “Robinson”,
Manalo ka na sana bago matapos ang taon. 😉

Each Day With You by Elise Estrella

Each Day With You
Written: 2009
Released: December 2009

Mahigpit na magkalaban sa pulitika ang ama ni Alexandria at ina ni Robinson. Sila man noon ay hindi makapag-usap nang mahinahon; parati silang nagbabangayan. Until the three-day Sagada trip na nagbigay sa kanila ng pagkakataon para makilala ang isa’t isa nang mas malalim. Naging magkaibigan sila, then they fell into a mutual attraction.

Gayunpaman, hindi nila maiwasang mag-alala kung paano na sila pagbalik nila sa Maynila. Paano kung hindi tanggapin ng kanilang mga magulang ang ugnayan nila?

Having spent three days with him, Alex knew for certain she needed Rob by her side all the days of her life….


  • I wrote the story in one week after an 8-hour conceptualization. I’ve never been to Sagada which was why I was iffy about setting a fully formed story there. What if the scenes don’t fit? When I went online and read my best friend’s entry about her trip to Sagada, I was surprised that the scenes fit exactly, like I’ve been to Sagada myself.
  • Robinson’s name jumped out at me while reading Louise Dane’s Jele Jele Bago Quierre, and watching the Twilight movie in the background. LD’s hero’s name was Robinhood, and Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in Twilight.
  • I needed an asexual name for the heroine but only ‘Alex’ sounded right. Alexandra didn’t sound right, so I altered it a bit and used Alexandria.
  • This story gave birth to the Sentinels series. Rob’s cousin, Russel, was an “extra” in the story, but after I submitted Each Day with You, I fell a little in love with Russ and decided to give him a story of his own. In turn, his story gave birth to Sentinels Securities, Inc. (6 major characters and still growing, HA!)
  • With my sincerest apologies to Yoghurt House. I misspelled the name of the restaurant in the manuscript. Their name is spelled with an “H” instead of “yogurt”.

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