Obsidian Book 1: Notorious

60 MSV Uncut_Notorious
Obsidian Book 1: Notorious

Twenty-four-year-old, NBSB virgin Ariadne goes to Obsidian, a club notorious for the excesses happening within its walls, thinking of meeting a nice, decent, sweet guy and maybe developing something—anything—to him. The nice, sweet guy turns out to be the tough, gorgeous, and sexy-as-hell club bouncer named Roman.

Her wish for a sweet and innocent taste of pleasure turns into a heated, full-blown encounter that she never thought she’d experience. And while he was the first guy she ever allowed to touch her body, she ended up being the first woman to touch his heart.

Pero hindi talaga bouncer si Roman. He’s a US Navy SEAL currently on leave and on an undercover mission in the Philippines para hanapin ang taong pumatay sa kanyang kapatid sa isa sa mga silid sa Obsidian.

Habang hinahanap niya ang salarin, palapit naman ito nang palapit sa kanya para maningil ng dati niyang utang. At si Ariadne ang gusto nitong kabayaran….

E-book available from ebookware.ph for $1.99.