The Sweetest Fling

The Sweetest Fling
Written: 2009
Released: February 2011

Kasalukuyang palihim na iniiyakan ni Paige ang kataksilan ng kanyang boyfriend nang gabing nakilala niya si Wesley Ontiveros. Mabait ang binata at mukhang sinsero ang concern para sa kanya. The next thing she knew, she’s asking to go home with him.

It was supposed to be just a one-night stand. Pero masyado silang interesado sa isa’t isa para maputol lang doon ang ugnayan kaya nauwi sila sa pagkakaroon ng isang fling.

Pero habang kasama niya ang binata, napagtanto ni Paige na hindi na pang-casual affair lang ang nararamdaman niya. Hindi na sakop ng definition ng salitang ‘fling’ ang damdamin niya para kay Wesley.

She then realizes she’s in for another heartache.

Because she wants something permanent and lasting—from someone who admitted he is only a fling kind of guy….


  • I started writing Wes and Paige’s story July 2009. I submitted it August 2010. I deleted all my previous versions and started from scratch. I was able to finish the book in four days and submitted it in six.
  • Paige’s original name was Gwynneth Flores.
  • Wesley was named for Wesley Crusher, Wil Wheaton’s character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • “The Sweetest Fling” was taken from U2’s song, “The Sweetest Thing”. It was was also supposed to be called “With this Fling”.
  • When I went to Boracay, I was surprised at how right I was when I described it in the first drafts of the manuscripts although I’ve never been there. I also fell in love with Boracay when Edith Joaquin and I were there even though it was very stormy.
  • The dishes Wesley cooked were Giada de Laurentiis’ recipes from Everyday Italian on the Food Network.
  • This is my first attempt at writing for MSV’s Desire line and it was a bit embarrassing. I have written love scenes for previous books, but still, I feel self-conscious about this book. The love scenes aren’t as descriptive but I still feel exposed which was why I skipped editing the love scenes.

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