Ash and Mere’s BGC

My family and I went to BGC to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and I asked my sister to walk with me to my old office so I can take pictures of the places I mentioned in Ash and Mere’s books. Please excuse me because I’m not very good with photography and I also only used my phone to take the pictures but here we go…


Day 4: Kung saan ibinili ni Ash ng spaghetti at Yum si Mere kasi baka nagugutom na raw ang boss niya (Rizal Drive, BGC)


Kung saan madalas bumili ng kape si Ash. (32nd Street, BGC)


The street going to Forbes Town Center

Burgos Circle

Forbes Town Center


Burgos Circle (that CBTL is a setting for one of the scenes in another one of my books, Love Unscripted)


Kung saan nakipaglaban si Ash sa pusit nang malaman niyang magpo-propose na si Ninong Ernest kay Tita Vera. (Bonifacio High Street)


Serendra, kung saan unang nag-away sina Ash at Mere (the “grow up” line).


Larry’s, kung saan muntik magkasuntukan sina Ash at Craig (Bonifacio High Street)

Parking Lot_2

The taller building on your right-hand side is Net Plaza where I used to work. The parking lot in front of it is where I placed the the building where the offices of Balajadia Industries are. (31st Street cor. 1st Ave.)

Parking Lot

Another shot of the parking lot where the Balajadias’ building is in the book (31st Street cor. 1st Ave.)

I wasn’t able to take pictures of all the settings. This was an impromptu trip so I didn’t really list down every place where Ash and Mere went. I forgot to look for Johnny Rockets and Mango Tree and a few other places, so maybe next time. I also probably should have taken long shots so you can see where these places are in relation to other places… again, I’ll do it next time when I get to plan things before going off.

Also, I really enjoyed doing this. Maybe I’ll do it for my other books, too. At least the ones without fictional settings and not part of the Romancing the Globe imprint. Kailangan ko pa ng visa sa iba n’un (and lots and lots of money).

Thank you very much for reading Ash and Mere’s books on Wattpad! Sabi nga ni Marlon, “thank you for the love” ♥


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5 Responses to Ash and Mere’s BGC

  1. abrealmayo says:

    OMG! I am willing to endure a long hours drive to visit these places from malayong bundok I came from. hahahaha baka jan ko matatagpuan ang Ash ng buhay ko. ❤ ❤ Yung sa Tagaytay din! hahaha

  2. Elise Estrella says:

    Hahaha dalaw ka sa BGC. It’s a nice place. Kahit di mo ma-tiyempuhan si Ash, it’s still worth the visit ^_^

  3. Emegerd! Si Ash at Mere ang hahanapin ko if ever maligaw ako sa BGC (someday!) Thanks for this short trip and shots! And I really love your story of Ash and Mere ❤

  4. Elise Estrella says:

    Thank you!!! Saka hindi talaga ako magaling mag-picture. Wala akong alam sa composition ek-ek so hindi ko naisip na mas maganda kung long shot ang mga kuha para makita ‘yung buong area ahihi pero oo, dalaw ka sa BGC. Marami namang mapupuntahan d’un ^_^ Thanks again! And thanks pala sa AshMere artworks ha! ♥

  5. Gash! Eto pala ang lungga nila Uncle Ash at Auntie Mere. Hahaha
    gusto ko ito mapuntahan. 😉

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