January 2016

I can’t quite believe that it’s already February 1st. The last time I checked it was only New Years. Ang bilis ng mga araw. As it is, it’s time for my monthly news summary. I know, I know, I don’t do it monthly but I’m going to try (harder) this year so that I get to use my blog again.

So, on to the news that you may or may not already know if we’re Facebook friends or if you follow me on Twitter.

1. eBookware.ph
Yup, Bookware’s e-book store has been up and running for sometime now where you can purchase copies of out-of-print (including my Sentinels series!) and upcoming books by your favorite Bookware authors in e-book format. Not only that, you can also purchase ADVANCE copies of the books you want. According to the FAQ page, the site is only currently accepting PayPal payments but I know that you can now also use GCash to pay for your purchases.

I love printed books but I also love the idea of having my whole library in my phone with me so I usually have a printed copy and an e-book of my favorite books. The printed ones stay at home, of course, but even in the middle of nowhere, I can whip out my phone and cuddle with Gideon Cross 😉

Also, if you prefer printed books, you’re in luck! Feb is Bookware’s birthday month and they’re having an anniversary sale from February 1 to 11, 2016, 8 AM to 5PM at the Bookware office.

Unit 301 3rd Floor Rizalina 2 Annex Building
1677 Quezon Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines


Photo Credit: Bookware Publishing


2. Sentinels: Alpha Squad
Speaking of the Sentinels, I finished book 4 of Sentinels: Alpha Squad on the 31st of December! I’m just waiting to hear if it has been approved. I’m hoping and praying it does, of course. The next book in the lineup (as least the one I have to write) is Sentinel 17, Chris Pascua, then Sentinel 18, Donnie Llanes. Then, I have to switch back to the Alpha Squad for Danny Tremaine and Matt Riley. Hoping I can finish them in the next few months.

Again, Sentinels books 1 to 12 are available in e-book format from eBookware.ph. Books 13 to 16 are still available from NBS.

3. How to Kiss a Guy
My first book for Bookware’s Pink and Purple imprint, How to Kiss a Guy has also been listed. It is currently available in e-book format for $2.99, and as it is listed as an advance copy, I think it will also be available in print soon.

How to Kiss a Guy by elisestrella

How to Kiss a Guy by elisestrella

Also, as per my agreement with the publisher and in accordance with the copyright law, I’m going to have to remove the story from Wattpad. Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who has read, voted for, commented on, and shared the story. I really appreciate the support. ♥

4. Notorious
It also looks like one of my Wattpad stories, Notorious is going to be released soon. It’s still available on Wattpad if you want the unedited version, but again, it will be removed as soon as it gets released.

If you’re a new reader, this is an EROTIC romance novel. Makulit na kasi lagi ko ‘yung sinasabi pero better safe than sorry. You can’t tell me I didn’t warn you 😉

5. Wattpad
I don’t really ask for feedback from readers because I don’t want them to feel obligated to give a review after they’ve read the book. I also don’t want to put them in the uncomfortable position of having to evade or lie if and when they didn’t like the one of my books. But I really, really appreciate each and every feedback, Wattpad comment, message, Tweet and e-mail that I’ve ever received.

This is the most recent feedback from a reader that had me teary-eyed. I tried several times to write a thank you note to the reader who dedicated this chapter to me but I really have no words to express how touch I was to read this. So again, thank you, blue_soul18! Link to the feedback is here.

She also made this video for the story. MARAMING SALAMAT!

What I’m Up To
Currently, I’m working on a new MSV Desire manuscript, a best friends story that I wish would finally let me have the best friends end up with each other. I’m also still working on my Wattpad stories. I’m hoping I can start (and post) a new one I don’t know when but soon I hope.

To everyone asking if Ash and Mere’s books will ever be published, my answer s I really don’t know. I want Falling for the Billonairess to be published of course, and my editor at Bookware knows about the book but to be honest, at 169K+ words, it’s too long to be published and I’m having a hard time editing and deleting scenes to fit FFTB into one book. But we’ll see. In the meantime, THANK YOU! It currently has 1.25M reads and 36.7K votes, thanks to the old readers who have read and re-read the book over and over, and to the new readers who are are recommending the book like crazy.

I think that about covers my January! I hope you had a great month, and that you have an awesome February ♥


About Elise Estrella

Proud Tagalog Romance Author (My Special Valentine) / Padawan translator | Kataas-taasang Diyosa ng mga Sentinels | Mrs. John Mackenzie Herrera ♥ | Happy writer | Dream believer | Book lover | Military and Regency romance junkie | Navy Girl ♥ | I write.
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