Updates (if you’re interested)

*In Bokuto’s voice” Hey, hey, hey! (Did I already use that to open a blog once? I’d have to check.) Hello there! I hope everyone is doing fine and well despite the world going up in flames (sometimes literally) around us. Kapit lang. We’ll make it.

Anyway, I would like to apologize (again) for missing two months (again) of what I told myself should be a monthly thing (blogging). I’ve vacillated between being busy and being anxious so my energy have been divided between that.

On to the news stuff. And I’d apologize in advance because this is a long, unedited rambling of epic proportions of someone who hasn’t blogged in two months. If you’re still interested (and not afraid), proceed… with caution.

A Moondrop Date

With the “busy” thing, I managed to finish A Moondrop Date *breaks down, sobbing*. I passed it on to my lovely and hard-working editor a week late because I suck at deadlines, and it was the first deadline I’ve had to try to meet in a while so… to be fair to me, one week late isn’t so bad, I think? I used to abandon projects if I’ve been given deadlines because I just breakdown from the pressure. So, yay, me! And thank you, Tin for being the perfect combination of patience and firmness that I made it. We made it. Thank you!!!
The complete (albeit unedited) version of A Moondrop Date is currently (and will always be) posted on my Buy Me A Coffee account for BMC supporters. The digital version will be available soon though! Please keep an eye out for more information on my SNS accounts.

If you’re a supporter on my BMC, I won’t delete the book from the site. There’s no hard feelings if you choose not to purchase the digital copy, I promise. Your support through the site is already more than enough and I am already incredibly grateful.

BMC members, I sent you a message through BMC! I will never stop thanking you for your support, especially during the pandemic, omg! You guys helped me feed my dog and my cats through difficult times, and that alone deserves my gratitude so maraming salamat talaga. Bless each and everyone of you. Sana laging masarap ang ulam at ang tulog ninyo, and may all your dreams come true *tearfully throws fairy dust your way*.

Diamond Sky Incident

You may already know about the Diamond Sky Incident. A reader brought to my attention that there was a missing chapter in the second book of my Soju Sessions Series, and dahil lang ‘yun sa naisip niyang hindi ko gagawin ang gan’ung klaseng cliffhanger thing sa mga kuwento ko. To YOU, maraming salamat. I really appreciate not just letting me know, but also for giving me the benefit of the doubt that I wouldn’t write that story that way. Maraming salamat ulit.
Diamond Sky is actually one of the stories I wanted to tell. I wrote that to make sense (at least to myself) of what had happened to one of my long-time favorite artists, Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, and to the artist who brought me to SHINee, Jonghyun. I didn’t mention this when the book was released because I didn’t want it to look like I’m using them to sell my books. That’s not true, and is, in fact, insulting.

I wrote the book to help myself understand what they did, and how something like that would affect the people who love them. And if I’m being honest, the people who love me had I ended up doing that they did. So it was very personal to me.

And well, to find out that something like that happened, that one of, if not the most important chapters in the story is missing, I think I’m justified when I say I was angry and disappointed.

It was an honest mistake and a layouting error, and I’d admit I also have something to do with it since I keep sending multiple files, and it’s easy to mix them up when I’m really bad at naming them so it’s easy to get confused. Anyway, the publisher already apologized and sent out corrected files. Please check your email account for the download link to the complete book.
If you’re a BMC supported, I also already posted the missing chapter there.

If you’re a BMC supported, I also already posted the missing chapter there.


Ah, that. I keep getting asked about returning to Wattpad. No, I’m not abandoning my Wattpad stories. I’m still clinging to them like a starving mouse clinging to his cube of cheese (though I read somewhere that mice don’t really like cheese, but think of me as a cartoon mouse).
I’m currently writing an update for Marlon. We’re at the HaLo with the Sarreals scene, and at the risk of spoilering things, the chapter after that is a turning point for Marlon and Charlotte so I’m rushing to get there before my Wattpad fatigue sets back in.

I loved Wattpad. I still have a fondness for it because it allowed me to write Ash, to write long-@$$ stories without filter or worrying about word counts or getting it published. It gave me a freedom that I didn’t know I didn’t really have when writing for a publisher. For that, I will always think fondly of Wattpad, and I will never actually abandon anything I write on Wattpad.

I’ve actually searched my soul for the reasons why I’m a little wary of posting there, and I came up with several reasons.

  1. Financial – I need to feed my cats, and writing a Wattpad update eats something from four hours to two days of time I could use to work on something that would let me feed my cats. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. I know we all need something to keep us hopeful and happy, but I honestly can’t spare the time because I have to work two jobs on top of writing, house chores and furmomma duties.
  2. Anxiety – This isn’t a secret. I get anxious when I post new updates. I get anxious when I get notifications about comments. I get anxious when I see how many followers I have. And I get anxious because I’m not in the same frame of mind as I was when I wrote Ash so the other stories aren’t going to be as happy or as light or as funny. I’m retraining myself to just enjoy writing without worrying about what people would think or say. I told myself not to read comments anymore though I sometimes feel like I owe it to the readers since they took the time to comment (but then I’d read a series of comments about how I effed a story up by not giving rich people dishwashers in their houses, and I just want to smash the nearest dishwasher, which in my house, happens to be me). Yeah. But, you know, retraining myself to be zen. Yeah.

But I do miss my Wattpad stories, and I have so many plans, actually for 2020, that I had to adjust for 2021… which looks like I’d also have to adjust for 2022… We’ll see.

On a personal note, I haven’t gotten vaccinated yet. Not even my first dose. I did sign up again for a schedule so hopefully—hopefully—our LGU pulls through this time. I’m supposed to be A3 because I have asthma, though I haven’t had an attack in years. And my anxiety about leaving the house without my sister with me outweighs the need to go to a clinic to get a medical certificate to prove that I have asthma so… But my parents, and my brother and his wife are already fully vaccinated, so it’s just my sister and me (and our youngest, who is nine, and my three-year-old nephew).

Anyway, I think I may have rambled enough…

If you can, PLEASE get vaccinated ASAP. If not for yourself, do it for others who haven’t been yet or who can’t get vaccinated.
And mask up please!

I know there are a lot of heartbreaking things going on today aside from the virus. There’re the wildfires and heat waves in what looks like every corner of the world, the recent deadly earthquake in Haiti, what’s happening in Afghanistan, the disaster that is the pandemic response in our country, but we can’t lose hope. Keep safe and take care of yourselves and of each other!

We’ll make it through. ✨

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May 2021 Updates

(I’m so sorry, I suck at titles. Anyway…)

Hey, hey, hey (in Bokuto’s happy tone)! Can you believe it’s May 2021 already? Last time I checked it was March 2020.

I went through—still going through—a horrible case of writer’s block that I haven’t even been able to write anything except tweets. And, yeah, yeah, I know what I always say about writer’s block, but there’s no other term for it… except maybe it’s a subform of my beloved anxiety?

I open my laptop and I can only stare blankly at my documents until I’m shaking, on the verge of a breakdown because no words are coming and I’m feeling pressured. Same thing happens when I open my notes apps or journal apps. So instead of stressing out and making it worse, I just spent the whole of April reading. I may have read one or two… hundred… DaiSuga fics from AO3. A lot of the writers there are soooo good!

But enough of that. On to the updates.


Yesterday, my publisher released books 1 to 3 of my Soju Sessions Series. Yay!

Though I’m told that there are editing errors in the book, for which I would apologize and humbly ask that you excuse xthem. Sumimasen.

And THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who have already bought the books! Maraming salamat.

And thank you to everyone who are planning to buy the books, and who are promoting the books!

And THANK YOU, Ferlin for the GIVEAWAY! If you’re interested, please go check out her Twitter feed. GA ends on May 7th, 2021.

The series is supposed to be a six-book series. The first three books are the Super Junior Lees, and the second three are the SHINee Lees. I know, I know, not all of them are Lees in real life, but since I wanted to make them cousins, I needed one surname for everyone. Since my three biases (Leeteuk, Lee Taemin and Lee Jinki) all have Lees in their names, I chose to use Lee as their surname.

And yeah, yeah, book 2’s title, Diamond Sky, is a SHINee song but I have a good reason for that Maybe you’ll get it when you read the book… it’s alright if you don’t. Just know that I have a good reason. The SJ title for that one though is Like the Rain.

I actually want to write books about the other SJ members, too. I already have an idea for Heechul ahaha but I really want to write something for KRY because they’re my favorite SJ sub-unit.

For the SHINee Lees, you may have already read Onew’s book (Shine on You). Next book in the series should be Miro’s but I still haven’t figured out which of the plots I came up with was better for him, because the guy wants to be in the military, and everytime I have a military character, one of the Sentinels is there to recruit them! So now I have to figure out the best way to weave his book into Sentinels batch 4.

I really miss my Sentinels and Alpha Squad but with the current political climate… well, let’s just say I’m having a hard time. I’m hoping I can get back into milrom again soon though.

After Miro is Timothy’s book, and the outline for that one is already done.

The next two SHINee Lees book will also be self=published though. So I would really appreciate your support when they come out.

What else is keeping me busy?

Oh, yeah.


Remember when I shared pictures of the stray cats we feed? Well, Shiyo, gave birth to four bouncing baby kitties… in my room. Underneath my vanity table. So I practically have six roommates as of the moment: my cat, Yoshi; her mom, Shiyo; and four kittens that I refused to name because I didn’t want to be attached to them because we would have to give them away because we can’t afford to take care of four more cats though one of them looks so much like Yoshi that I maaaaay have started calling her Miyu after Miyu Irino who voices Sugawara in Haikyu because she’s also the second-born kitten and I found out Miyu is actually a girl’s name… and… and I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

Hay. I used to call them Ichiban, Niban, Sanban and Yonban, but that doesn’t help because that means they’re Daichi, Koushi, Asahi and Yuu, but really, I can’t take care of all of them, especially not as indoor cats. My mother will neuter me when she finds out that I’m even taking care of more than one inside the house. Plus I’m not exactly in the right frame of mind, nor in a stable enough financial situation to feed twelve—yes, twelve—cats and one dog.

We were supposed to have Shiyo neutered but she got pregnant before we could. The clinic told us that we could still have her neutered but they would have to abort the kittens. My sister and I decided that we couldn’t do that so here we all are.

My sister already found a forever home for one of the babies so there are only three left. Do you want a kitten? They’re all good-natured and used to people. The eldest, Ichiban, would run to me everytime I go inside the room and rub her face over my feet, then lie down on the floor with her legs in the air to ask for belly rubs… like a puppy. And all Miyu does is sleep. The third baby is skittish, and would run and hide when there are loud noises but she’s also very well-behaved.

We’re still working on potty training, but while they can’t climb the litter yet, they know where to do their business. And they’re really good at grooming themselves because mama cat, Shiyo is obsessed with bathing them (and herself… and her brothers). Shiyo is actually my other cat, Maru’s older sister.

If you want to adopt one of our kittens, and I’m serious here, please send me a DM, preferably on Twitter.


Last but definitely not the least, I would like to thank Susie again for sending me one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received! She sent me vitamins! Waaah! Yes, I am old. I love receiving vitamins and liniment and towels and blankets now, the way I never had when I received them when I was a kid. Thank you, Susie!


Last last, I haven’t posted my self-promotion thread on Twitter for May yet. I do it only once a month but time is moving so fast that I feel like I’m actually doing it more often than I should, so I’m just going to do it here.

My self-published books are still—and forever will be—available. So if you haven’t read them yet, you can buy them from here. Purchase links will be changed/updated until we can set up a permanent shop.

You can also support my work (and read exclusive or advance content) from my Buy Me A Coffee account. You can do a one-time payment of $3 via PayPal to access the content. You can also subscribe for a monthly fee if you want although I haven’t been able to figure out good enough perks for members, I’m so sorry. But I’m hoping to make up for lost time after I kick off my block.

Again, thank you for your support. and for reading my work, and for all your encouraging messages that make me smile and keep me going. I want to assure you that I’m doing my best to go back to being a writer ahaha

Thank you! Sincerely. ‘Til next time! ✨

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Mid-March Madness

And just like that, we’re almost at the middle of March, and about to celebrate our one-year anniversary in lockdown with a record-breaking number of COVID-19-positive cases and a brand spanking new Philippine variant. Yay… Us, I guess?

I think I already mentioned that I was thinking of writing a reflection post in our year in quarantine but eh. I’ll just be sad and angry. Not even for me. I would like to think I’m one of the lucky ones. 1) I have not lost anyone I know and love to COVID or COVID-related reasons. 2) While 2020 was difficult in every way, I seem to always manage to find a way to make things work so that bills are paid, there’s food on the table, and our dog and our cats are fed. 3) Probably the best thing that happened to me in 2020 is that I managed to fight off my depression pretty well for the most part. It would have been unbearable and unsurvivable had I been depressed too last year. So it didn’t matter to me that 2020 is an awful year. I’ve actually had worse because those years were tainted with mental illness.

I did have episodes last year until my parents left for the province in July of 2020. After that, I actually managed to pull myself together. I got better everyday.

And then I finally started watching Haikyu in December, and my love for that anime knows no bounds that a blog post isn’t enough to describe it. I want to have the same mental strength and fortitude of everyone in that anime. And also, DaiSuga is my absolute  happiness at the moment. Don’t start talking to me about them because I will never shut up! 

Speaking of DaiSiga, I’m currently so in love with the voice of Sugawara’s seiyuu, Miyu Irino. I adore Suga and I find his voice so sweet and comforting. (I have the same feelings for Super Junior Leeteuk’s voice.) Then while I was reading his Wikipedia page, I found out he also voiced Haku from Spirited Away!  I love that movie. Whenever I feel like being “spirited away” from reality,  I watch that, but I never watched it in Japanese. When I found out he also voiced Haku, I immediately watched the movie again without the English dub, and I teared up at his first line when I heard Suga! 😭 I really love, love, love his voice.

I also started listening to his music and I just… Love him. So there. Happy that I found something new to love.

My DaiSuga AU is also going well though I only steal time from work and other life chores to write it. It’s really like a reward for myself.

I posted an excerpt on my new private Twitter account. Oh, yeah! That. I made a new Twitter account because my elisestrella account has gotten messy. I talk about everything, my SHINee, SuperM, Super Junior fandom, my Haikyu and DaiSuga obsession, my political views though I try to limit that because I want to control my anger and anxiett for my own mental health, and politics is not the best topic for that, my books, my writing process… I mean, not everyone is interested in everything about me. Some people only want book news.

Anyway, I also wanted to be able to post short fics, excerpts, plot ideas, book plans, etc., and I really don’t  want to share that with a thousand strangers and anyone who follow them. I’d really rather share things like that with people who are interested. So if you are, and you haven’t followed yet, my book Twitter is @EliseanBooks.

I’m a little busy right now because I took on a new job job as a gatekeeper/dream crusher, and I have a ton of chores at home. But I have things planned out. My WIPs aren’t moving because I want them neatly lined up, and one of them wasn’t working so I couldn’t start the others. I’ve restructured my 2021 plans, and I’m hoping that they’d push through starting this month or April.

As always, thank you for your patience and for your support (moral, emotional, and through BuyMeACoffee) because I appreciate ALL of them. The fact that you guys never fail to remind me that I’m loved is a HUGE deal to me. Thank you.

I’m going back to being a cat mama because we had two of our cats neutered/spayed yesterday. I cheered, actually cheered!, when my Kobayashi Maru woke up. Then Yoshi also responded to the volunteer who checked on her so they let us go home. But that might be another blog entry.

Still so groggy but they allowed us to bring them home.

For now, I’m back to… House chores first with my coffee. I’ll see if I can squeeze in author work later.

I hope you have a good day today! And that you have a good week. Good morning! ☀️

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Protected: Breathless – Chapter Two

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Protected: Breathless – Chapter One

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